"Improve Your Credit, Improve Your Life"


We understand that every situation is unique therefore it does not make sense for us to charge a flat fee across the board like most credit repair companies do. Our clients vary from having a few late payments to having bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, repossessions, and tax liens. Because everyone’s situation is different our pricing structure is determined on a case by case basis and we have several plans to choose from. Your personal Credit Advisor will work closely with you to analyze your credit profile, determine your situation, needs, and goals. We will then work together to implement a highly effective game plan that is both efficient and cost effective. We are certain that we have a plan that easily fits within your budget and helps to restore your creditworthiness so you can get your life back on track. Our goal is to make this process as easy and seamless as possible. Call now for your complimentary consultation, our credit advisors are standing by to assist you. (800) 679-7172


Because each situation is unique, it is important to understand that we in no way guarantee a “specific outcome”. There are many variables involved with each situation including you upholding your responsibilities as set forth in your contract. Just as an attorney cannot guarantee the outcome of any specific legal matter, we cannot guarantee a specific outcome to your credit situation.

Any credit repair company that guarantees a specific outcome is not being honest with you.  Although we are unable to GUARANTEE a “complete restoration” of your credit reports or promise to remove ALL of the negative items from your credit reports, you can relax knowing that we do guarantee each of our clients that we will do everything in our power to legally improve your credit profile. We will also educate you, as part of our process, how to establish new credit.  

In the unlikely event that all obligations of the Client have been met, and NO improvement of Client’s credit profile has been made after one year from the start of service, ICG agrees to honor the refund policy as set forth in your client contract. After your initial consultation if we believe we cannot improve your overall situation then we will inform you of such and if possible let you know what other options you may have outside of the services we can offer.