"Improve Your Credit, Improve Your Life"


Please feel free to download any of the following complimentary resources. You will find items to assist you with your own credit repair, especially to remove public records, books that will guide you through the process of suing collectors when you get to the point where you feel you need to take legal action. There is also a book to assist you if you are in an impending foreclosure situation. This will lead you to a totally different site. If you join that site, you will get access to tons of education and documents that help you stop the foreclosure, get your house back to you, and even fight back if your home has already been lost to foreclosure. Enjoy!

Court Clerk Letter
Use this letter to prove to the bureaus that the court didn’t furnish the public record nor do they verify. Send to court, send copies of the response with your bureau disputes.

County Recorder Letter
Use this letter to prove to the bureaus that the county recorder didn’t furnish the tax lien(s) nor do they verify. Send to county recorder, then send copies of the response with your bureau disputes.

FTC Staff Opinion Letter – public records
FTC staff attorney publicly exposes the bureaus for publishing inaccurate public record information

Notarized Address and Personal Info Removal
This letter is used to remove addresses tied to public records. It makes it more likely to get your public records deleted.

FOIA Response Letter
This letter from the IRS clearly proves tax liens are confidential taxpayer information and it is illegal for them to be on credit reports without authorization from the consumer.

CDIA Brief – No Tickets onCRA’s
Consumer Data Industry Association describes benefits of the new National Consumer Assistance Plan. 1 benefit is tickets and other government accounts that are not contracted, no longer are allowed on credit reports.

Take Creditors and Collectors to Small Claims Court – ebook
This short ebook describes how to know when it is time to sue creditors, collectors, and bureaus in small claims court and describes the process and guides you through it, including getting a settlement from them outside of court for their violations.

Poor Man’s Class Action Lawsuit (small claims court) – ebook
Another ebook about how to sue in small claims court.  Gives you the laws that they are violating, a copy of the FCRA and sample letters and court documents to use for your lawsuit, as well as a settlement letter example.

Foreclosure Defense Handbook – ebook
This ebook will clearly show how every foreclosure is fraudulent. Informs you of your rights, and gives a bit of guidance if you want to take on the fight against your “lender.”

Opt Out form/info for CRA’s
Stop the credit bureaus from selling your information. This cuts into their profits and seems to assist in items being removed from your credit reports since there is no incentive for them to make money off of your information.