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Our Team

Our professional team of Financial Service Consultants is comprised of industry leading experts in the fields of Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Student Loan Consolidation and Reverse Mortgages. Regardless of your needs you can rest assured that you will be partnered with a specialist that is well versed in your area of concern. Together we will assess your individual situation and tailor an effective plan that will help you get your life back on track!

Karen Zullo

Karen Zullo is founder and CEO of Insight Credit Group Inc. She has been assisting clients in the Credit Repair and Debt Settlement industries since 1999 and is known as one of the top debt and credit analysts in her field. Her key focus is to help her clients restore their creditworthiness after they have been through an unfortunate financial hardship. By using the federal consumer laws she has legally and ethically assisted thousands of businesses and individuals with the removal of unwanted and inaccurate items from their credit reports.

Karen has built a solid reputation and is highly respected as an expert in both industries. Her knowledge, compassion and ethical business practices have made her a sought after expert and consultant for both new and existing business within the financial service arena. She was instrumental in the start-up and success of the largest debt settlement company in San Diego.

She was later brought on board as V.P. of National Sales & New Business Development for one of the longest standing and most successful credit repair companies nationwide where she helped to restructure the organization. She has successfully assisted numerous new business start-ups from conception to completion as well as restructuring current businesses in need of change due to new federal regulations & compliance guidelines within Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Mortgage, and Loan Modification. She has extensive experience leading organizational transformations, driving large scale change and growth, and she has an outstanding record of accomplishment in all phases of high level sales, management, sales training, corporate recruitment, project management, motivational coaching and public speaking. Karen has successfully coached her clients towards financial freedom and helped them attain their goals on both a personal and business level. She is a dynamic leader, sales trainer, speaker and motivational coach and her overall passion is to share her vision and knowledge while empowering others to believe in themselves and take their lives to the next level.

Shannon Lopez
Nationally Recognized Credit Expert

Shannon started her first credit repair business in 1987 as an affiliate of a major credit repair firm that handled national and international credit repair.  She learned about how the credit repair laws can help consumers through their classes and gained a fair amount of knowledge of how to fight for consumers’ rights through that venture.

Shortly after assisting clients with that first company, she left to start her own independent credit repair company. She successfully maintained a 100% success rate for her clients for 22 years.  Her knowledge of the credit laws, case law, and many other legal sources catapulted her to one of the leading experts across the country in the field of credit repair.

In 2000 she also became a licensed real estate agent. She became the in-house credit expert and successfully repaired the credit of prospective buyers for both other agents and loan officers for the brokerage.  News of her expertise spread to other real estate firms and mortgage loan brokers and she became their go to credit repair specialist to get their clients’ credit reports and credit scores up to where they could close deals.

She has mentored hundreds of credit repair professionals, taught credit repair companies the art of credit repair using federal and state laws, as well as other federal Acts, UCC, case law and much more.  In 2007 she created a blog to teach the average consumer how to repair their credit reports on their own after being disgusted with the misinformation and bad advice found on most blogs, websites, and videos online. She has maintained the determination to continue to share and teach the truth about credit repair and has assisted thousands of consumers both with do-it-yourself assistance and as her clients.

Shannon has been a guest and guest host on several national and local radio shows. She has done seminars for prospective homeowners to assist them in getting ready to purchase their homes through the improvement of their credit reports and scores.  She is a strong advocate for consumers’ credit rights and continues to research and expand her knowledge to assist others.

She is nationally recognized in the credit repair industry and has a vast knowledge that surpasses many of the leaders across the country in the credit repair field. Professionals far and wide seek her out for assistance with their difficult files. She has a passion to right the wrongs committed against consumers by the credit bureaus, creditors and collectors.

In 2013 Shannon joined forces with Insight Credit Group. Together, the client base has expanded and exponentially increased the number of consumers with fresh, clean credit, allowing them to be able to rebuild to a level that enables them to enjoy reaching their credit goals, including being able to purchase their homes, cars and be rewarded with desired credit lines.


Insight Credit Group (ICG) has quickly become the preferred credit repair service for many real estate and loan officers’ clientreferrals, as well as tax and insurance professionals’ referrals.  Since Shannon joined ICG, they have also expanded to be the processing choice for a number of other credit repair companies that desire the successful results ICG’s clients enjoy.

Shannon will be celebrating 30 years in the credit repair industry in January 2017, which will create a combined 50 years of knowledge and experience for Insight Credit Group that continues to consistently produce excellent and far superior results for their clients than available with most any other credit repair company in the United States.

David Proffer
Director of Financial Services
Debt Negotiation


David Proffer is an independent consultant and Affiliate Advisor for Insight Credit Group Inc.
He has been in the financial service industries since 2001 and currently serves as the liaison advisor to multiple companies within the debt relief, credit repair, student loan and reverse mortgage industries. David is widely regarded as one of the nation’s PREMIER negotiators in debt relief and he has fostered hundreds of solid relationships with creditors, collection agencies and law firms over the years. He has consistently achieved lower than average settlement percentages for his clients therefore saving them thousands of dollars off their overall credit card debts and unsecured loans.

He also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in student loan consolidation and reverse mortgage offering free consultation and financial relief to consumers struggling with their student loans. Whether you’re looking to reduce your student loan payments, loan forgiveness, restore deferment or forbearance, stop wage garnishment or obtain financial aid to go back to school we can help! For clients age 62 and over, a reverse mortgage may be a financial tool that could eliminate their mortgage while staying in their home and never again having to make another mortgage payment. A reverse mortgage allows seniors to access a portion of the equity in their home without income or credit qualifications and provides them with a monthly income and greater financial security that allows them to live the quality of life they deserve to live! David’s unique blend of knowledge and experience across multiple industries as well as his ethical business practices and true concern for our client’s best interest has made him the ideal choice for our company and we are proud to have him on board as part of our team!

Glen Grant
Affiliate Advisor - Owner Bright Credit LLC

Glen Grant is an Affiliate Advisor and Financial Strategist for Insight Credit Group Inc. He is also owner of Bright Credit LLC a financial services company that offers six different financial services which include Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling, Credit Repair, Student Loan Consolidation, Reverse Mortgages, and Life Settlements. He has been in the financial service industries since 1993 when he first received his real estate license for the mortgage industry.

In 1997 he started “Best Debt Solution” a national debt settlement company specializing in consumer and business debt reduction. He quickly became known as one of the TOP Debt Negotiators in the industry and is widely regarded as one of the nation’s Premier Debt and Credit Experts. Glen has a verifiable track record for helping consumers and businesses eliminate their debt and improve their financial situations. He has personally settled over 10 million dollars of unsecureddebt (credit cards, personal loans, lines of credit, medical bills) for his clients averaging well below the national average of 40 cents on the dollar.

In 2000 he was brought on board as Partner and Vice President of Negotiations for a start-up debt settlement company. He was instrumental in their growth and success and he helped them to become one of the leading debt settlement companies nationwide as well as the only debt settlement company to become JD Powers Certified in the industry. In 2004 he sold Best Debt Solutions and later opened Bright Credit LLC where his vast array of knowledge and expertise serves to assist his clients across 6 different verticals. He is also known as one of the original pioneers in Student Loan Consolidation and he offers a free consultation and financial relief to consumers struggling with their student loan debt.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your student loan payments, loan forgiveness, restore deferment or forbearance, stop wage garnishment or obtain financial aid to go back to school he will carefully assess your situation and implement the solution best suited for your specific needs. Glen is also is a licensed reverse mortgage specialist for homeowners age 62 and over who have at least 50% or more equity in their home. A reverse mortgage may be a financial tool that could eliminate their mortgage payment while allowing them to stay in their home. It also may their answer to greater financial security allowing them to enjoy financial freedom while living the quality of life they deserve to live! Glen’s integrity in helping clients find the right solution for their unique circumstances is what sets him apart from other biased companies. His unique blend of knowledge and experience across multiple industries as well as his honest business practices and true concern for our client’s best interest has made him the unequivocal choice for our company and we are honored to have him on board as part of our team!

Michael Reminger
Affiliate Negotiator
Owner Pacific Business Management

Michael is the Affiliate Debt Advisor and Lead Negotiator for Insight Credit Group Inc and he is the owner of Pacific Business Management. He has been in the financial service industries since 1992 and after spending a short time in the collections field he quickly realized that his knowledge of debt and credit along with his aggressive negotiating skills would be best utilized as an advocate for consumers and businesses rather than for the creditors. In 1993 Michael opened Pacific Business Management, a full service Debt Negotiation Company where he assists his clients who have fallen upon financial hardship and are struggling to make ends meet. His expertise lies in offering his clients an ethical alternative to bankruptcy by negotiating settlements for less than the full amount owed on their unsecured debts.

Over the years, he has cultivated and nurtured numerous long standing relationships with creditors, collection agencies and law firms and he is well known throughout the debt and credit industries as one of LEADING negotiators nationwide. He has served as the Lead Negotiator for various debt settlement companies and his combined experience in debt, credit and collections has served him well. He has personally settled over 50 million dollars of unsecured debts for his clients with a settlement average well below the industry average of 40%. Not only has he saved his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years but he has also provided his clients with a second chance by relieving them of their financial burdens and providing them with the peace of mind they need to get their lives back on track.

So if you are one of millions of Americanswhocan no longer make ends meet, and you are tired of the stress and struggle each month, Michael will carefully assess your situation to determine an effective plan of action based on your individual needs. His expertise, business ethics and perseverance to obtain the best possible settlement for his clients as well as his commitment to doing what’s “Best” for the client has made him the Ideal Negotiator of choice for Insight Credit Group Inc. and we are excited to have him on board! Pick up the phone now for your complimentary consultation and find out what Michael can do for you! You have nothing to lose but your debt!