I’m so ecstatic I was practically doing backflips!

Dear ICG, Just a quick note to let you know that I received an updated copy of my Experian and Equifax Credit Reports today. Experian deleted 7 out of the 12 items and Equifax deleted 8 out of the 12! I’m so ecstatic I was practically doing backflips. The best part is my husband was there to see the results first hand which made it that much more satisfying. The reason is…After signing up for your service my husband was so mad at me and accused me of wasting money and falling for a scam. In fact, the next day I called my Advisor (Karen) and almost canceled. She very professionally calmed me down and reminded me about why I had called in the first place. She reiterated the challenges I have been going through because of my bad credit (Hindering me from finding employment in my field, I’m an insurance agent) as well as the benefits I will be able take advantage of by having good credit. Although I was still nervous about my husband’s reaction I chose to continue with the service as planned. Imagine my delight when I opened the mail and witnessed my husband’s reaction! I can’t wait to see continued progress from here. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Justine J.
Chicago, IL

I think you are the best in the business!


I am very impressed with your services. I think you are the best in the business. Thank you so much for the help you’ve provided. You have been relentless and have certainly helped in repairing my credit. You have done an outstanding job and for that I am grateful. You are amazing! I would highly recommend you to others who are in need of your services. 

Thanks again,

My advisor put me at ease with his knowledge of the process...

When I first signed up with Insight Credit for your credit repair program, I must say I was beyond skeptical. I’d heard so many bad stories about credit repair but I was tired of my poor credit affecting my life and my family. My advisor put me at ease with his knowledge of the process and clearly explained what I could expect. Even so, I was still skeptical until I received my first replies from the credit bureaus about 4 weeks later. I was so impressed with the progress that was made because I had a total of 18 accounts deleted across all three credit reports and this was just my first round. Fast forward 8 months later and I couldn’t be happier. You have cleaned up a total of 37 bad accounts including a bankruptcy between all 3 credit bureaus and I am happy to report that yesterday my wife and I were just pre-approved for a home loan! We are now working with a realtor and our hope is to be in a new home before our baby boy arrives in July. Thanks to all of you for persistence and outstanding customer service, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Arturo A. 
San Antonio TX

My scores have increased to over 700 in just under 6 months!

Thank you to the team and ICG for working diligently to restore my credit rating. My scores have increased to over 700 in just under 6 months and I was just able to obtain a car lease as well as 2 unsecured credit cards. Next stop, re-finance my mortgage.

Y. Lee

She personally accompanied me to the City Court and helped me...

Hi Karen, 

I just want to share my experience with others that may be considering using your service. I was fortunate enough to have used Karen Zullo’s Credit Repair Services in October of 2010. I needed to clear my credit for a government job. Karen with her dedication and professionalism helped clear several delinquent accounts in my credit report. My credit score rose more than one hundred points! Needless to say I got the job. Karen, also helped me clear a mistaken bankruptcy that popped up on my credit report. She personally accompanied me to the San Diego City Court and helped me fill out the forms needed to clear the bankruptcy. She was there every step of the way until the bankruptcy was finally deleted from my credit report. I am highly grateful to her commitment and dedication to me and to clearing up my credit.

Thanks Karen!

My only regret is that I didn’t do this 3 years earlier!

Hello Insight Team!

Thank you for exceeding my expectations. My only regret is that I didn’t do this 3 years earlier. Had I known the process would have been so simple on my end and the results so fantastic I never would have wasted the last 3 years struggling with my horrible credit and paying the costly price associated with less than perfect credit. The negative impact it had on my life was both stressful and embarrassing. Starting off now with a clean slate feels wonderful and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! One last thing, thank you from the bottom of my heart for actually answering the phones and returning my emails in a timely fashion. I have some referrals coming your way please take good care of them!

All the best,
Charlene K