Tax Lien & Judgment Removal

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Are you one of millions of Americans who have financial hardship and are suffering the costly repercussions of less than perfect credit?


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Do you have tax liens and or judgments on your credit reports due to some unforeseen financial hardship that you have endured?

If you answered yes to this question, pick up the phone NOW and give one of our credit experts a call, we can help!

Whether your liens or judgments are paid or unpaid, they are negatively impacting your credit scores (Yes, even if they are paid). In addition, they often cause stress in your relationships and everyday life and I can guarantee you that they are costing you a lot of money in the long run!

Unpaid liens and judgments will prevent you from purchasing a home or qualifying for a refinance on an existing property. They can also prevent you from obtaining employment, a promotion, qualifying for credit or at the very least cost you a fortune in high interest rates.

Or worst yet, the IRS can and very likely will:

  • Lien a taxpayer’s property or person as collateral for a tax debt.
  • Levy a tax payer’s bank account and seize funds from a taxpayer’s bank account(s) or accounts receivable for an IRS tax debt.
  • Obtain a Wage Garnishments and seize a portion of a taxpayer’s wages, paycheck, or salary to satisfy a tax debt.

Our escalated tax lien and judgment removal program will remove tax liens and judgments from your credit reports whether they are paid or unpaid therefore allowing you get your creditworthiness back on track so you and your family can live the life you deserve to live!

We believe that everyone deserves a 2nd chance.  Pick up the phone and call NOW 800-679-7172 to speak with one of our credit specialists and schedule your complimentary consultation. Let us show you how you can get your credit back on track!