Tax Settlement

Are you burdened with outstanding IRS tax debt? Do you feel like you are being dragged deeper and deeper into the black hole of excessive tax debt and the amount just keeps snowballing and there is no way out?

Are you a victim of the IRS placing a Tax lien against your property or person as collateral for a tax debt? Or perhaps you’ve have had a Levy placed against your bank account and the IRS has seized funds for a tax debt. Or perhaps the most common IRS tactic is to Garnish Wages to satisfy a tax debt.

If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, we can help! We know how stressful this can be but you can rest assured there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

Our affiliate team of top Tax Attorneys, and CPAs have been helping taxpayers for many years successfully resolve, manage and/or end their tax debt liabilities therefore giving you back the life you deserve to live. 

Whether it is negotiating back taxes by way of offer in compromise, stopping or preventing a wage garnishment or removing a bank Levy, penalty abatement or just properly re-filing your returns to save you hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars, our tax professionals stand alone in the tax resolution industry.

Remember to ask about our tax lien removal program. We will also delete the liens from your credit report!

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